Fucking Gringos

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‘Fucking gringos’ the old man thought to himself as he ignored them from behind his small hot kiosk on the coast. I don’t even want their money, I just wish they would stop prancing about in their garish swim shorts, can’t they see the que? Its 11am on Monday morning and they’re already drunk. How […]

The Amazon

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The captain’s voice boomed over the tannoy, announcing to the 300 passengers that breakfast was being served. It was 6am, our 3rd day on the Diamante, the vessel which was transporting us up the amazon from Manaus, Brazil to Leticia, Columbia. The whole journey would take 6 days. My eyes opened, I peered out of […]


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As the plane began its long decent over the lava of orange and white lights which shone atop a mountainous terrain. I saw for the first time the true size of this incredible country. The wave of lights continued for as far as the eye could see. I had been planning this trip for years […]

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