French criminal Henri Charriere was framed for murder in 1931. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. This book is his account of his time in prison, his daring escapes and time on the run, he managed to escape from 9 prisons over 13 years and travelled across several continents. He was a man who followed his own moral code, he was fearless and astute. An inspirational character and a true adventure book.



Follows Henri Charriere during his time after escape, more unbelievable exploits and adventure.


Snowblind: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade

In the 1970’s, before organised crime took over the cocaine trade, operated an extraordinary smuggler known as Zachary Swan. Zachary was creative, a true pioneer of smuggling, dreaming up schemes which not only evaded the prying eyes of customs officials but also protected his employees from prosecution and bordered on the line of genius.


Marching Powder

Back stabbed by a man he should not have trusted English cocaine smuggler Thomas McFadden finds himself thrown into the notorious San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia. He quickly realises this is no ordinary prison – The prison is split into zones, some much more dangerous than others, inmates rent their rooms, some own restaurants and shops within the prison. Drug lords continue to run their empires from the safety of their furnished apartments and prisoners children play in the streets. Thomas McFadden is thrust into the chaos as a gringo with no money or hope for release, the book follows his haunting, heart-warming and sometimes funny time within San Pedro. Written by Australian author Rusty Young.


Mr. Nice

Howard Marks, the man, the legend. Named after the false identity he assumed for 15 years as an international dope smuggler this book is Howard’s account of what went on. From Welsh country boy turned oxford graduate to the FBI’s most wanted list. His callous charm and wit shine on throughout the book.


Midnight Express

Billy Hayes is imprisoned in a Turkish prison for trying to smuggle hashish into America in 1977, after several years inside he succeeds in a daring escape.


Malcom X’s Autobiography

As told by the man himself. When Malcom was 6 his father was murdered by whites for preaching the teachings of Marcus Garvey but they couldn’t stop a frustrated Malcom, who growing up in racially oppressed Wisconsin knew something wasn’t right. After moving to Harlem and spending years as a hustler, dealer and player he was arrested. Turning to Islam he became a Muslim and began to spread the word of Allah in the name of Elijah Muhammad alongside an extremist but timely view of the evil white man. He quickly became the public face of the organisation, as his life spiralled into chaos he was eventually murdered. The only man of his time to speak out against the racial crimes of the white man, a straight talking, hard character who was pivotal in the continued struggle for racial equality in America.



We join Winston Smith in a dystopian world, constanlty under surveillance by a totalitarian government known as ‘the party’. A person showing any form of individualism or ‘thought crime’ as it is known in Newspeak (a language developed to discourage free thought and expression)  simply dissapears, erased from history. Winston works as a history editor, re-writing past events in order to support the current views of the party. Winston tries desperately to remember his childhood, surely it wasn’t always like this? Though there is no evidence to support his theory. He dreams seceretly of rebellion which he secures during a secret love affair. Does love conquer all?


Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. A children’s story with heavy socio-political undertones. The frustrated animals of Manor Farm, sick of being treated as slaves drive out their drunk and irresposible farmer and assume command of the newly named Animal Farm. Things run smoothly initially until some of the animals decide that certain privelages should be bestowed on some but not others.


A Little History of the World

An enchanting and interesting read, Ernst Gombrich manages to fit the history of the world from the stone age to the world wars in just 284 pages. Without getting too hung up on dates and written originally for children it reads out like a bed time story, which only adds to its charm and intrigue.


Born to Run

Frustrated about the fact that no one can tell him why his foot hurts after running Chris McFadden embarks on an adventure which takes him from sports labs to the out backs of Mexico and to an ancient tribe of Indian runners. An eye-opening revelation into the importance of running not only to modern man but the success and survival of our whole species. Whilst telling the immersive, funny and adventurous story of the organisation of an Ultra-marathon in Mexico’s copper canyons.