Curiosity killed the cat. This allowed the rat to seize his freedom.

This world is a peculiar place. It is the home to great magnificence and wonder, yet it is a habitat which plays host to so many injustices.

The injustices, albeit are generally our fault as those with money are thrust into favour whilst those without, well, who are they?

We think we have mastered the Earth but we have by no means mastered ourselves; as human contact is consistently rejected in favour of pseudo interactions on smart phones as we bend to the whim of corrupt puppeteers.

This simply shouldn’t be the case. Our time on this planet is limited.

This website isn’t going to change the world but it will improve your understanding of it and allow you to see the beauty that it beholds. It will open your eyes to some other things which you may not have the opportunity to experience right now, or ever knew existed.

So if you are curious, follow us. As we boldly go where someone has been before.