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The creation of legislation enslaved every nation, increased trepidation and gave power to corporations.

These injustices are so blatant, yet everyone seems . . . so . . . vacant.

As we continue to pay rent.

Money spent.

Just to survive.

How are we supposed to feel alive when we aren’t allowed to thrive?

They put us in a box and tell us they hold the locks and key.

You probably don’t believe me, because it isn’t on your TV.

I’ve got news for you – they control what we see.

As they try to mold our views, the way we act and move.

It doesn’t take a lad from Essex to prove, they’re tryna condition our youth.

Putting dumb fucks on pedestals, now you know the truth.

Life is a game that they want you to lose.

Just pacify the group and send in the troops.


They hate it when they see life in your eyes.

You’ve got to realise the demise and the guise of society.

This isn’t just a verse, it’s perverse, a fake reality.

That’s promoted, show boated and sugar coated as progression, during the recession, which only adds to the tension.

We’re not supposed to mention slavery, or show bravery.

How the fuck does the colour of your skin determine which seat you can sit in?

It’s a sin, which has been used to alienate us from one another, so that we don’t discover what they have kept undercover.

Every man is your brother.

Seek and find a lover and then love her.

Have yourselves a child, teach them to be wild cos too many people these days are mild.

Remember that perception is reality.

So don’t think yourself a casualty.


I know that in this land of tools and regulation it’s easy to feel frustration, but open up your mind, be kind, and you will find elation.

Freedom of expression is the ultimate lesson that you can learn.

So please don’t wait to take your turn, go out and take what you yearn for, as I implore, that is the only way you will soar.


There will be no justice.

There is just this.


Never admit defeat, rise up to your feet and do not play by the rules, in this world ran by fools.


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