Burmese Daze

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It’s hard to believe, when you are greeted by the genuine, bright smiles of the Burmese nationals that you are in a country which until only very recently was the host to demonetization of certain bank notes, brutal repression of peaceful protests and martial law. A country which struggled to find it’s feet after corrupt […]

Australian Bush Originals

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It was 245 years ago when Lieutenant James Cook first stepped foot on Wangal land (DOFA 2015), land which would soon become known as Eastern Australia. Claiming it immediately as a colony of the British Empire, he completely disregarded the fact there were already natives residing there. Natives whom had occupied the desolate continent for […]


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The creation of legislation enslaved every nation, increased trepidation and gave power to corporations. These injustices are so blatant, yet everyone seems . . . so . . . vacant. As we continue to pay rent. Money spent. Just to survive. How are we supposed to feel alive when we aren’t allowed to thrive? They […]


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A dark red cocktail spattered against the bottom of the small bucket I was clutching with feeble, shaking hands. A homage to the warm, viscous liquid I had drank about thirty minutes previously. I was sat, ARGGGLEUGU, cough, cough. Again the disgusting broth was ejected from my body. As soon as I drank it I […]

Escobar’s City

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‘Vamos Limon!’ screamed Medellin and the world’s most notorious drug cartel as the middle class estate he had been hiding in was finally tracked down as the result of a combined effort between pretty much every anti-drug authority around at the time. El Limon was Pablo’s body guard, the two of them fled over the […]


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‘Dios es mi guia’ read one of the twenty stickers paying allegiance to the supposed creator of our planet which were slapped onto the windscreen. As the bus bounced over pot holes sending numerous stuffed angry birds hanging from the dashboard into a frenzy, I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was more than the […]

Fucking Gringos

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‘Fucking gringos’ the old man thought to himself as he ignored them from behind his small hot kiosk on the coast. I don’t even want their money, I just wish they would stop prancing about in their garish swim shorts, can’t they see the que? Its 11am on Monday morning and they’re already drunk. How […]

The Amazon

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The captain’s voice boomed over the tannoy, announcing to the 300 passengers that breakfast was being served. It was 6am, our 3rd day on the Diamante, the vessel which was transporting us up the amazon from Manaus, Brazil to Leticia, Columbia. The whole journey would take 6 days. My eyes opened, I peered out of […]


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As the plane began its long decent over the lava of orange and white lights which shone atop a mountainous terrain. I saw for the first time the true size of this incredible country. The wave of lights continued for as far as the eye could see. I had been planning this trip for years […]

Head Down

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Head down I march, looking at my phone.   A world at my fingertips, I am not alone.   Head down I stride, passing people in the street.   With my head in my phone, I don’t care to meet.     Head down I walk, they say ignorance is bliss.   With my head […]





  • Burmese DazeIt’s hard to believe when you are greeted by the [...]
  • Australian Bush OriginalsIt was 245 years ago when Lieutenant James Cook first [...]
  • 2015The creation of legislation enslaved every nation increased trepidation and [...]
  • AyahuascaA dark red cocktail spattered against the bottom of the [...]
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